Roma Capitale, Italy

So as I have discussed in a former blog post, we have this very romantic idea of Italy and Roma! That the Italian men have sexy accents (they do) and are very gallant and handsome, that their plazas are full of cafés and always with a fountain near-by. This is, just simply, not true.

First thing I noticed about Rome was how filthy it was: the streets were dirty, there were graffiti tags everywhere and all of the buildings are “earthy” coloured, which doesn’t help of course. Let me be clear, I was staying in an apartment on the outskirts of Central Historical Rome. The closer you got to that centre, the better it looked (although those retched “tags” were even in some historical buildings, I don’t understand why people do such a thing).

Was it my favourite city of all time!? No. Was it the worst experience? Definitely not. Might be worth a trip again, when less things are under restoration / construction though…

all pictures by me, unless otherwise stated
© Joana Bartolomeu Pereira, 2015