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I am a traveller, I think of myself as a free spirit when I’m not glued to my chair typing / playing away on my computer c:
I live for these moments and I relish in every single one of them. I decided to chronicle some of these as they have affected me in some way, shape or form, that manifests itself in my mind, my personality and in my photographs.
Hope you enjoy travelling with me.

I am honestly getting scared of what will come out of this: still on my first day in Rome and I already have a huge post…any idea how to deal with this!? Show I divide by days? By monument? Should I just post the whole thing when I’m done and ask for help AFTER!? Any feedback would be truly appreciated.
Thank you. J*


Roma Capitale, Italy

So as I have discussed in a former blog post, we have this very romantic idea of Italy and Roma! That the Italian men have sexy accents (they do) and are very gallant and handsome, that their plazas are full of cafés and always with a fountain near-by. This is, just simply, not true. First … Continue reading Roma Capitale, Italy