Still about Tsuki

Me and my cat Tsuki lived on our own while I was studying away from home, we had been with my parents for about 3 weeks when I had to go out of town for 2 days. When I got back she was mad at me for about an hour and I had to apologize to pet her again.

Only after I got back did my parents tell me that she hadn’t eaten or moved those 2 days, just laying on my robe on my bed, waiting for me to get home…

They ARE family. They DO love you. DON’T abandon them. DON’T ever leave them and they’ll NEVER leave you. Adopt if you can, rescue one. It will be unconditional love. Forever.

PS.: Thank you Belinda (inspired by a post on her blog bottom line: my life is better with cats)

EDIT: Tell me she’s not such a cutie pie <3 <3 <3