Locking Eyes

I don’t know if you ever experienced that jolt when you look at someone for the first time and just connect. You know, like in films. I did. Once. And it’s glorious.

It was 7pm, I was going home from work, waiting for the subway train, reading a book while on the platform. I looked up to check the ETA of the train and when I skimmed the other side of the platform, I noticed someone looking at me and then it happened. I smiled, and he smiled back. The heart even warmed a bit.

We looked at each other and smiled at each other and we didn’t notice anyone else around us (even though the platforms were full). It was cute, it was sweet and felt like I was in some sort of film.

And then his train was announced. We could hear it over the intercom. We looked at each other, a little panicked and all I could think was “get your ass over here dammit!”.

His train pulled up and what do you know…he was gone. Life is not like films. He didn’t ran over, to ask for my phone number or anything, because most likely, in real life, people would tell you to f-off if you did it c:

Still, those were some nice 5 minutes right there, and for the next couple of days, you bet your ass I was looking for him at the stop =P


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