Outside the Dashboard

So what do I do when I’m not writing? There are some things that I enjoy doing to “reset” my mind.

  1. If I’m feeling a bit lazier
    • Gaming: this is my biggest passion, has been my escape from reality for over 10 years, and we all need that escape sometimes.
    • Watching TV Shows / Films: I love doing these when I have the time. If it’s Fantasy / Sci-fi I’ll like it for sure. I’ve been watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe by order. It’s awesome!
    • Reading: another huge passion of mine. I read the last Harry Potter book in 1 day…well, 3 days, because when I got to a certain chapter I threw it across the room and refused to read it for 2 days! Right now I’m in the middle of (re-)reading the 4th book of A Song of Ice and Fire: A Feast for Crows so I can move on to the 5th one c:
  2. If I actually feel like moving
    • Photography: I love LOVE taking pictures. I can go on for hours, specially if coupled with sightseeing. That or of my cat <3
    • Travelling / Sightseeing: soaking up new cultures or learnings new things about mine or even just revisiting old monuments, I just love it.
    • Pretending to sing: don’t ask. Really…just ignore this =P
    • Dance: good or bad, I don’t care. I just shake this ass of mine.
  3. And if none of these work: cooking and eating (which for someone who is trying to lose weight and be healthier, can be bad…or not)!!!

And you!? What do you enjoy doing outside the dashboard?


13 thoughts on “Outside the Dashboard

      • juanapt says:

        Not really. I was a bullied teen and very shy. My way to cope was to hide in stories and so I sort of “lived” through characters. This still is true today, I still “invest” time in them :)


      • Gina Blue says:

        Thank you for sharing…You give me much to think about. It takes me back to my prison days when I was a GED teacher. The young guys developed a language different from their parents’ generation and so on and so forth…Yes, I have much to think about…


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